Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ignoring files in a GIT repository

To ignore a file:

if the project is /work/project
you have /work/project/.git folder
If you want to have the files ignored over all pages, create a file called:
/work/project/.gitignore and put one line for each file, relative to /work/project, eg:
I have a /work/project/src/cache folder which I want to have its contents ignored (any files within the /work/project/src/cache folder, so I put in .gitignore:

then make sure there are none of these files in the cache folder already:
git rm --cached src/cache/*

Then, the standard commit - note, you may need to directly add .gitignore:
git add .gitignore
git commit
git push projecthostnamehere branchnamehere

For the same project, if you want to ignore on just this local copy, edit:

Note, you don't have to add this change, but you do need to rm anything that was there before, as it only ignores it once it is removed (see git rm --cached src/cache/* above)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

eBay API overdrive

Lately I've been doing a lot with the eBay APIs and more specifically the trading APIs for listing items. (I've also used selling apis a lot in the past when working with the ebay deals placements while at eBay). Some of the quickest results can be acheived with the use of pre-entered products found using isbn, ean or reference numbers. The trick when comparing with existing competitor items and trying to re-find these numbers, is to find the item using individual trading api calls and your token, as the shopping APIs don't often give quite enough detail about things like Ean numbers.

I'll possibly be showing some of my out-of-normal-hours work at this months eBay seller Meetup, happening this thursday. So much is happening in the ecommerce and ebay space at the moment, so it will be good to discuss the month over a beer. If your interested in eBay selling, RSVP and come along, it's every month on the third Thursday of each month -