Sunday, June 23, 2019

Life in New Zealand

We have been rather busy!

About 7 months ago we moved our family back to New Zealand, and we're now living in Milford on the North Shore of Auckland.

It has been a great experience, the kids are in a new school, we are close to the 8 other cousins who come around and play often. Both sets of grandparents are around to help and to enjoy having everyone back in the country again. My brother in law is also back in NZ with their 2 kids after 10 years in Hong Kong.

So it was 11 years in London in the end - a bit more than the 2 or 3 we planned, but we have some great memories and a lot of work experience over there.

Anne's company Orion Health relocated us, which was nice as our shipping would have cost a lot (about half a container), compared to the 2 suitcases each that we had 11 years ago.

I have set up a digital agency specialising in lead generation for businesses using chatbots and more specifically Facebook Messenger. I have been working with ad campaigns, Facebook APIs and eCommerce for so long now it was time to switch to helping other businesses, and it seems the perfect time to do so with such amazing opportunities through messenger opening up to businesses. My website is which is a great domain for NZ and one that numerous companies have tried to buy off me while I've been away - finally time to make good use of it.

So if you're in New Zealand, look us up!

Here is a photo if Milford beach, just down the road - my runs in the morning are spectacular.

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