Thursday, June 12, 2008

PDT and eclipse for symfony

> PDT has the following pre-reqs
> # Java 5 JRE
> # Eclipse SDK v3.3.1.1
> # EMF SDO XSD 2.3.1
> # GEF 3.3.1
> # DTP 1.5.1
> # WTP 2.0.1

Installing PDT - care of: KRavEN at

Download Eclipse Platform from here: 1-200710231652/index.php
Get the "Platform Runtime Binary", you don't need one of the others as it just includes things you probably won't be using.

Download the attached bookmarks.xml from this thread.

Extract the Eclipse Platform Runtime archive to a folder and run the Eclipse binary in the folder. There is no installer to run.

In the menu go to Help-> Software Updates -> Find and Install

Bullet "Search for new features to Install" and click Next

Click the "Import Sites" button on the right side and choose the bookmarks.xml file you downloaded.

Check all the boxes in the list and click Finish at the bottom.

When it comes up with the list start at the bottom and open up each arrow. You only need to open the first arrow for each item. This is required for the "Select Required" to work.

Now check the first box for "Zend Update Site" and click "Select Required" on the right. Once it is finished and everything is checked, uncheck the "Zend Update Site" box.

Drill down into Spket and choose only Spket IDE.

Uncheck the outer checkboxes for "Subversive update site 0.7.x" and "Subversive update site 2.0.x".

Check the outer box for Symfoclipse.

Drill down into Subclipse and choose only Subclipse.

Drill down into Target Management Updates-> TM and RSE 2.0.2 and choose the protocols you want to have for Remote System Explorer.

If there are any unresolved dependencies at this point click "Select Required" again.

Finally click finish and have it install all the stuff.

When you're done you should be able to follow the directions in the symfony wiki for including symfony in PDT to get the code completion working. You'll also want to cleanup the update site list and remove all the duplicates as installing features adds new update sites to the list.

For javascript code completion for your favorite ajax library see the site

The attachment can be found at:

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