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UK Ubuntu 8 MythTV install with Nova-S-Plus

UK Ubuntu 8 MythTV install with Nova-S-Plus satellite card and a working satellite dish pointed at Astra.

References are:

Similar tutorial

Older community MythTV documentation
This suggests partitioning with certain file systems - this may be better than a "standard wipe everything" approach.

DVB and mplayer

A good list of programs to check you have is available at:

If you have a new motherboard, make sure you plug in the sound plug from the front of the case, and ensure any on-board audio is enabled in the bios.

GET UBUNTU 8 installed

use the standard wipe everything approach from the disk


change the password for root, so you can use "su -" and not have to use sudo.
passwd root

change to root account.
su -

You should really do these, but I sometimes don't until the end:
apt-get upgrade
apt-get update

My kernel number is found as: 2.6.15-26-386
uname -a

do the update it requests in gui.

Now install the DVB utils so that you can confirm everything is working before trying to get MythTV to work:
apt-get install dvb-utils

mkdir /root/.szap
scan /usr/share/doc/dvb-utils/examples/scan/dvb-s/Astra-28.2E > /root/.szap/channels.conf
This should generate a list of channels in /root/.szap/channels.conf, this will take a while, let it run to the end.

12324 29950
11914 27500
10920 22000
12226 27500
12187 = paracomedy
12070 - sky box office
10861 - talksport
10743 - RTE 0 scrambled
10802 - bbc R5 Live - bbc1 scotland, wales
10847 -
11222 - urban tv
11488 - info tv2
12643 - pitchgaming 2
10964 - five
12402 - 12199
10832 - ITV1 Border
10891 - ITV1 BorderSco
10906 - ITV3+1
10714 - ITV2_1
10758 - ITV1 Anglia E
11992 -
10729 - More 4
11642 - Flava

If the "channels.conf" file looks OK, verify you can find and lock on to a channel.:
cp /root/.szap ~
szap "BBC NEWS"
(where "BBC NEWS" is one of the lines in channels.conf)

get out of root, and back to the logged in user account (eg: named username) you were in before using su -.

Try viewing video with mplayer:
apt-get install mplayer

initially run
mplayer dvb://
it will complain, but create the .mplayer directory, then:
cp /root/.szap/channels.conf ~/.mplayer/
mplayer dvb://

sudo apt-get install mythtv

don't bother entering a password for mysql. use all the defaults when installing.

Say yes, when asked if using other computers to run with MythTV.
don't make a password for the mysql root user, but I did, so read up about problems you may have when you set it.

instructs that to run backend, use: "sudo /etc/init.d/mythtv-backend start"

eo5PZpmi = mysql password for mythtv-network
stored in /etc/mythtv/mysql.txt

says to use: "sudo dpkg-reconfigure mythtv-common" if wanting other machine to use existing mythtv-network.

- should ask you if you are ok with setting the user in the mythtv group.

Keep others as defaults.

These should mostly be left at the default settings, although you may need to change (or create with appropriate permissions) the directories to hold recordings and hold the Live-TV buffers. For the UK, TV format should be PAL, VBI format should be PAL Teletext and the Channel frequency table should be europe-west. On the page marked "Job Queue (Host-Specific) I turn off "Allow Commercial Detection jobs" since I haven't found that the commercial detection works very well, and the mythcommflag processes are running more or less all the time.

Select (New capture card)
In Capture Card Setup, select Card type as: DVB DTV capture card (v3.x)
Press DiSEqC button
Select (Unconnected)
Select LNB
In LNB Configuration, keep defaults as Universal (Europe)

Select (New video source)
Name it "vid"
Select Listings grabber as: "No grabber" for now
Channel frequency table: europe-west

Select [DVB:0(DVBInput) -> (None)
Select Video source as: vid
Keep others as defaults
Select "scan for channels"
In Scan Configuration, select Scan Type as: Import channels.conf
File location: /root/.szap/channels.conf
select to scan, and wait about 15 minutes

exit and run:
mythfilldatabase - you may be asked to do this anyway.
mythbackend should also ask to run after all of this


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